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Best-in-Class dental care for all.

Best-in-Class: requires having the talent, expertise, technology, knowledge, and compassion to pay off this lofty goal.

For all: The affordability-to-value ratio is perfectly balanced. This level of dental experience is managed to make it accessible to everyone. Healthy for the patient, healthy for the staff, healthy for the doctor. Again, a balance of all of the little things that make work more enjoyable.

Eaves Family Dental will redefine dentistry.

Though a lofty goal, we know there is an opportunity to do just that. By partnering with practices and expanding our U.S. footprint but also by examining all the key touchpoints between doctor and patient and building a model that is truly best-in-class.

When we treat Eaves Family Dental patients, we look beyond their dental needs. We will be their partner in tune with their total health. We will be proactive and engaged with each of them, anticipating their needs and building a high level of trust and a personal bond. And, regardless if they are self-pay or insured, all will receive the exact same standard of care.

One Dental Home

Our network continues to evolve in the creation of a best-in-class approach to serve all of your dental health care needs. In most practices, we have dentists and specialists that work together as a team to collaborate on treatment for Periodontal, Oral Surgery, Endodontic, Restorative, and Orthodontic services at your preferred dental home. We are your “One Dental Home.”

Your “One Dental Home” allows for smooth scheduling and easing the process of billing and insurance reimbursement for all your dental care. We understand that convenience and clear communication between your entire dental health care team that includes general dentists and specialists can make all the difference.

Total Health Philosophy

We have integrated a total health care, Best-in-Class approach to patient care in every office in our network.

Our “Every Patient, Every Visit” philosophy is a core value initiative of placing our patients’ total health care needs at the forefront of every single visit.

“Every Patient, Every Visit” starts with an extensive understanding of our patients’ total health.

  • We integrate with the patient’s primary medical providers or specialists when and where it is indicated.
  • We take patient’s key vitals at every appointment
    • Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
  • We educate and ensure that the patient understands the integration of their dental health and its connection to total body wellness
  • We train all team members to take proactive measure in risk prevention, basic life support certification, and have appropriate medical emergency equipment on hand.
  • We offer smoking cessation programs for patients
  • We take enhanced measures in management of drug and opioid addiction prevention

We do all of this and more, because we care about your total health care needs. We understand that your total health care coincides with your dental health care needs. Our advanced practice management software, along with our operational best practices ensure you will be provided with the best information, and the care you deserve from our network of professionals.

Looking for a dental team that values your needs? You’ve found one.

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